Priority Areas: Refugees & Displaced Persons

The Foundation is in the process of transitioning its refugee/displaced persons priority area. In protracted refugee situations entire generations are denied schooling, literacy and the potential to gain the necessary knowledge to earn a living and assert control over their lives. Recognizing the many benefits that education offers, we will be focusing our funding on expanding educational opportunities for refugees and internally displaced people living in protracted exile. We will be further defining the scope of our funding strategies over the course of the year.

For our 2012 grant cycle, existing Foundation grantees invited to submit proposals will have the option of submitting a proposal in keeping with previously supported work or may choose to focus its proposal on providing education to refugees/displaced people. New organizations seeking support must focus their requests on providing education to refugees/displaced people. The Foundation defines a refugee/displaced person as one who is forced to flee his or her home and is unable to return home due to armed conflict, human rights abuses including but not limited to political, cultural or religious persecution, environmental degradation or disaster.