About Us

About the Frankel Family Foundation

The Frankel Family Foundation (FFF) was established in 2002. The Foundation owes its existence and inspiration to Bud Frankel, who inherited a spirit of giving and helping others from his immigrant parents.

The Frankel Family Foundation supports organizations working in the environment. We are particularly interested in supporting organizations that are taking a leadership role in high impact, grassroots organizing and advocacy to change government funding and policy in the United States in favor of sustainable energy and decreasing carbon emissions on a significant scale.

The Foundation also invests in work that reflects the particular interests of individual Board members. This includes an interest in supporting refugees outside of the United States with a particular emphasis on advancing access to quality post-primary education, and supporting youth development and mental health in the communities where Foundation members live.

Because the Frankel Family Foundation is informed and inspired by Jewish values and the concept of ‘tzedak’, meaning justice or what is right, we will continue to engage in “Jewish” giving, supporting organizations that inform and strengthen the Jewish community, combat anti-Semitism and hatred, and promote a democratic and peaceful Israel as a homeland for Jews and all who live there.